Relief for Fussy Baby

I spent the last week in Boston helping my daughter with her newborn son.  For some reason, even when he was well-fed, well-rested and dry, he was very fussy and could not be comforted.

I decided to try the Brazilian Toe Technique to balance and calm him.  It is a 15 minute protocol whereby you connect the Kidney 1 point with each toe, one by one, in a specific sequence.  Not only did this quiet him down, he has been much calmer overall since then!  I also applied some soothing essential oils like Frankincense and Lavendar mixed with fractionated coconut oil to the bottoms of his feet.  I am so thrilled to have access to these marvelous tools!


My daughter was one day away from her due date with her 2nd child and very motivated to get on with it! Her first son entered the world nearly a week early. Son #2 seemed to be less eager. She and I were together the afternoon before her due date so I offered to do some Eden Energy Medicine work with her in case there were any energetic blocks inhibiting the birthing process. I mostly spent time with an energy pathway known as the Circulation Sex or Pericardium meridian, as well as her root or first chakra. I probably spent 20 to 30 minutes sedating the meridian and clearing the chakra. I then went upstairs to give some attention to grandson #1, and soon after my daughter leaped up the stairs to tell me that her mucous plug dropped when she went to the bathroom. Though this is often a sign that labor is coming, she still felt nothing. We parted ways as I had a wedding to attend later that afternoon. At 2 a.m.  I got the call—labor had begun an hour before, she and her husband had rushed to the hospital and things were progressing very quickly! I was too excited to go back to sleep and so when the phone beeped again at 3:40 I was awake to hear it.  Much to my surprise, there was the photo of my daughter with baby Jake! Though her first labor had taken about 10 hours, this one completed in just 2-1/2!

Would this have happened had I not taken the time to do the energy work with her? We’ll never know! I might also add that her recovery this time has been so much smoother and faster than the last time!

How stress derails us

Most people are unaware of the powerful impact our survival instinct has on our inability to think rationally when we are stressed.  When we feel fearful or unsafe, the blood rushes from the thinking mind to the extremities for the  fight/flight/freeze response.  No wonder we feel helpless and powerless–we have lost our ability to think straight in these moments.  In addition, this primitive energy wreaks havoc on our system as it struggles to adapt to the technological advances of the last century for which it was never designed to handle.  Everyday influences on our environment like radio waves, television waves, micro-waves and cell phone towers along with all the artificial chemicals and pollutants that assault us constantly keep our survival mechanism on high alert.  It reacts to that which it was not programmed to handle as the enemy or an allergin.  Energy Medicine techniques are invaluable for bringing this energy into balance and restoring harmony within the mind and body.

In Chinese Medicine, the meridian (energy pathway) that governs our fight or flight response is called Triple Warmer.  Triple Warmer reacts to every uh oh thought you have.  It cannot tell the difference between your uh oh reaction to not being able to find your car keys and feeling fearful that a speeding card might hit you if you don’t jump back quickly onto the curb.  It just hears “Uh Oh”!  Learning how to work with that energy in ways that send the message “I AM safe” and/or “This is NOT life threatening or detrimental to my health” is easy.  There are very simple techniques for sending the signal to that energy to relax so that it can redirect the blood flow that went from the brain into the extremities for the fight or flight back to your thinking mind.   Once that happens,  you can once again find solutions and make good decisions.

I encourage you to go to YouTube and search for “Calming Triple Warmer” to see some of these techniques demonstrated.  However, if your pattern of not feeling safe is rooted in infancy or childhood, deeper protocols might be needed.

Pinch me, I must be dreaming. Today I had the pleasure and the privilege of participating with about 40 amazing, talented and interesting people who share a strong desire to volunteer our services to help those who are struggling in the aftermath of the Newtown tragedy through EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique. This meeting was led by the gifted and giving Lori Leyden, who has done and continues to do REMARKABLE work in Rwanda with survivors of the genocide there, as well as the Ortner family, Nick, Jessica, Alex and their beautiful mother, Maria. For me and probably everyone there, it was truly a day of awe as we discussed this very delicate task to find the best way to help people put their lives back together. I feel so blessed to have had this opportunity. I didn’t want it to end. Sending love and light to everyone all over the world who feel the reverberations of what transpired there, from the medical examiners, to the first responders, to the people who were in the school, to the people who were supposed to be in the school that day who were not for some reason, to people in the neighboring schools and towns, to teachers, principals, school psychologists, parents or students everywhere, to people who grocery shop, bank, or attend religious services with families who were personally affected, and of course to those parents, grandparents, siblings, cousins, aunts and uncles and their friends, classmates, best friends, or former students of those killed, to anyone who has ever lost a loved one to a violent crime, as well as to people connected to the family of the killer. I don’t know anyone who wasn’t rocked to the core by this terrible event. One of the main conclusions we drew from the day is how important it is to work on healing our own inner angst so we no longer need to have it mirrored to us via violent expressions of anger in our outer world.

Words of Comfort

The tragedy in Newtown, Connecticut has rattled to the core not only those of us who live in Connecticut, but parents, teachers, students, and human beings around the world.

When I was grieving the loss of my nephew, who died by his own hand last August, I found comfort in this quote by Karla A, Claeys.  I keep it taped to my fridge and once again, I am finding this quote helpful.  I hope anyone who reads this will, too.

“When one leaves for the stars, that person will be the one to blink at you in the night-sky and show you the way.  While s/he will no longer be able to touch your hands, s/he will forever be able to touch your heart”.


Another Foot Story

In preparing for an interview for a Voice of America radio segment to be aired October 22, 2012, I was reviewing old cases that the listeners might find interesting.  I was reminded of my work with Jane who had swelling and discoloration in one foot as a result of a few accidents and injuries that persisted.  She loved to take long walks and hikes but her sore foot curtailed those activities significantly.  Since many meridians begin or end on the toes,  I started by holding some acupressure holding points to shift the energy.  In the course of our discussion, she admitted that the sore foot had served as a good excuse at times to get out of doing something she didn’t want to do.  When I asked her about sharing what was going on in her life when this trouble started, we got to issues with her ex-husband for whom she still seemed to harbor feelings of  resentment and for whom she still felt some responsibility for, even though they had been apart for many years.  Through EFT and other techniques, she was able to release some long-standing emotional distress related to her past, including giving her the chance to say what she needed to say and releasing the ball and chain she had been dragging around for so long.  When the session was over, the foot looked and felt significantly better.  I have to admit we were both AMAZED!  The next day the improvement was even more dramatic.  It just goes to show you how important it is to address the emotional component to the physical distress.

By the way, the link to the interview and other great interviews by Anne Deatly with members of the Eden Energy Medicine Community is: http://www.voiceamerica.com/episode/65016/the-physicality-of-emotional-energy-with-donna-kemper

One of the most…

One of the most gratifying parts of my work is my ability to help a smoker kick the habit.  The rational mind knows full well that smoking is bad for you and causes serious illness and/or death.  Watching a loved one die a slow death from smoking-related illness is heart-wrenching.  I learned of this video through a fabulous website:  Thetappingsolution.com and I want to share it here because it sends the message so clearly.  Please take a minute to watch this! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-u-rhnV4l08